Recipe: Single Hop First Gold

Recipe: Single Hop First Gold

This is a brew I made a few months ago now but one I really enjoyed. I love First Gold Hops, having first really tasted them in the Badger Ales ‘First Call’. As I have been brewing a number of Single Hop recipes I thought I should make one using First Gold (I am also planning on growing this hop when I move house shortly). And I am glad I did. It turned out really well especially when combined with the simple malt base I put together and the WLP001 yeast, this recipe is all about the hops.

You can find the other Single Hop recipes here for: Cascade & East Kent Goldings.

First GoldThe one change I made to this recipe compared to the other Single Hop Pale Ales I made was to add a small amount of dry hops, just 1g per litre but it really lifted the finished beer. I think this is something I will do at the same hopping rate as I continue the Single Hop Series.

You can download the First Gold recipe here.



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