Recipe: Red Cow Best Bitter (v2)

Recipe: Red Cow Best Bitter (v2)

It’s been a few months since I brewed version 2 of this beer but because of the house move there’s a back log of beers to report on and a shortage of home brew to drink right now! You can see version 1 of this brew here, to see how it has evolved. Having seen the accolades Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker has picked up it was one I was keen to try and emulate, especially after trying it firstly in bottles then on a trip to Yorkshire on draft.

Red Cow Best Bitter v2I have to say both are good but the bottle version just seems better to me, with more of that bitter malt aftertaste than the cask version.

For version 2 I removed the Mild Ale Malt and added more crystal to the malt base. It is still not right but is better than version 1. I think the solution in version 3 is to use some Aromatic Malt as well as crystal to achieve that Malty bitter aftertaste and aroma. I think the hop schedule is good as it is for now.

The only other thing I may change with this yeast is fermenting it at its lowest temperature which is 18 degrees C. I normally ferment at 19 degrees C which leaves me with some yeasty esters which whilst not unpleasant can be very notable. Whilst only a degree it may make a small difference to improve the beer.

You can download version 2 of this recipe here.



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