I have tried to keep my brewing equipment as small and as space efficient as possible but it has grown over time for one reason or another. To help anyone starting brewing or just out of interest I thought it would be a good idea to list what I use to brew my beer.

I now brew using the all grain method and the main bits of equipment I have for this are:

  1. HLT/Boiler – This is one and the same pot which I converted by adding two Tesco kettle elements to it. Having a single pot to do both saves a lot of space
  2. Mash Tun – 5 Gallon cylindrical cool box with the addition of insulating metallic bubble wrap and a grain filter.
  3. Bottling/Mash bucket – Again I use one bucket to do 2 jobs. One is for decanting the mash liquor into and the other to bottle from
  4. Copper cooling coil – this is essential to get the liquor down to fermentation temperature as soon as possible
  5. Fermentation bucket – This is a standard 30 litre bucket for fermentation. I usually leave my beers to ferment between 10 – 14 days in order to develop the flavour more.
  6. Temperature controlled fermentation fridge – I have only acquired this since January 2015 and I have to say the improvement in the quality of my beers has been exponential. I thought about it for too long and wished I’d had it from the start!
  7. Cask for conditioning the beer – I almost always bottle my beers or put them into a bag in the box. Either way I always condition the beer in a cask for 7 to 10 days in order for it to clear more, with finings and also to dry hop if required. This is carried out in the fermentation fridge too.

I will create and post some how to documents so you can make your own items as above or alternatively buy them already to go!

I will also detail some of the smaller essential items and review them so if you are looking to buy for the first time or replace existing ones you have an extra opinion to add to the mix.


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