I love Mild! Give it a try!

I love Mild! Give it a try!

Yes that’s right I do love a Mild. In these times of Hop Bomb IPA’s I still turn to the classics and Mild is one I still really enjoy. Quite a while ago now I brewed Mild Cow, which is what I called my version of Barclay Perkins Boddington’s Mild. It turned out to be a stunning recipe and one I really enjoyed.

So taking this as my starting point I decided to see if I could brew a variant of it but this time a paler version so with less malts. If you have ever had Timothy Taylor’s Golden Best, this is kind of what I had in mind. golden-mildAnyway the best laid plans and all that it didn’t quite turn out as Golden as I expected as you can see it is more of a copper colour, still lighter than the original but definitely not Golden! The recipe sheet still says Golden Mild but for the bottle I thought I would just go with ‘It’s Mild’ to avoid any questions….

The big difference versus the Mild Cow recipe was the change of hops, I had lots of Fuggles so used those up instead and I even added a flame out addition too. I think to keep it Golden I should have only had a touch of Crystal in or even left it out all together. The yeast was West Yorkshire Ale – WYeast1469, which is one of my favourites especially for a beer like this.

You can download the recipe here.


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  1. Downloaded recipe but could you please clarify at what temperature to mash at it says mash in at 73.1 but not mash temp.

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