How to: Easy Bottle Label Removal

How to: Easy Bottle Label Removal

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If you bottle your home brew beers like me then you are always on the look out for bottles. But often they come with the dreaded labels still attached and the pain of having to remove them.

Fortunately there are a few breweries out there who perhaps realise that home brewers want to get the labels off easily so hats off to the ones I have found so far: Timothy Taylor’s, Caledonian and Bath Ales.

bottle-cleaningFor those other bottles I have discovered the use of Tesco Oxyclean that I found mentioned on a forum somewhere. It only works on bottles with labels rather than printed bottles. The beauty of it is you just have to soak the bottle for a couple of days and the glue breaks down meaning they only require a wipe down afterwards and a rinse out!

Tesco Oxyclean comes with a scoop and I have a 15 litre storage box so I dissolved 2 scoops into warm water (only to help it dissolve) and have happily removed the labels from 30 bottles with the same mix.


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  1. Cheers! That sure did the trick. I was struggling getting some labels off some nice swing top bottles. I had some poundstore oxy that I didn’t realise when I bought it was fragranced. But did the job nicely on the labels then I gave them a big old rinse and stuck them in the dishwasher to remove the white stuff that always seems to form when using Oxy in my hard water.

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