Homebrewtique: Small batch all grain made easy

Homebrewtique: Small batch all grain made easy

Homebrewtique logoI was recently sent a complete kit to review from the team at Homebrewtique and I have to say I am very impressed with what arrived in the box. The concept is simple, it’s designed to make all grain brewing easy to get into but importantly make it open to anyone no matter what space they have available for brewing. The kits they supply are designed to create 5 litre batches of beer.

Everything in the box is very well thought through and well presented, Step-by-Step instructionscomplete with easy to follow instructions. If you are thinking about creating great craft beer at home but are wondering where to start this kit from Homebrewtique would be a great starting point.

Boiler & FermenterIn the kit there is a large pan for mashing the grain and boiling the wort to make the beer. There is also a thermometer, fermenting bucket, bottles, sanitiser and everything else you need to get started. Of course the star of the show is the ingredients themselves, the pack I chose was Star Spangled, an American Pale Ale at 5.3%.

Supplied ingredients & instructions

So to give the kit a true workout I have recruited a friend with no all grain brewing experience to see just how easy it is. We will be brewing the beer in a few weeks but in the meantime watch my video review here.


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