Homebrewtique: Brew Day

Homebrewtique: Brew Day

It’s now been a while since I posted my review of the Homebrewtique product. Well it have now been brewed and drunk so here is part 2 of the review, the brew day itself.

I brewed it with my friend Jim who has never brewed all grain before to really see how easy it was from a beginners point of view. As I expected from tasting it, he is converted but also converted from the ease of the brew day. Brewing all grain can be daunting but Homebrewtique have made it simple and straightforward. Not only that the small scale of the kit and equipment you need means it doesn’t take up loads of space. Have a look at the Star Spangled recipe pack we brewed.

Here is my video review of the brew day which should give you a better insight of the kit and the process.

With Christmas coming it would be a great gift to give someone wanting to try home brewing for the first time or indeed to ask for yourself if you just brew kits or extract and want to have a go at all grain.



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