Blonde Ales, perfect Summer drinking

Blonde Ales, perfect Summer drinking

Rebellion BlondeAfter a couple of years enjoying a few pints of Rebellion Blonde whenever I visit Marlow I decided to look into this category of ale in more detail. As is usual the style is there for you to interpret how you like it, but it is a bit like a Pale Mild in some respects.

I started out with the most suitable yeast I had at the time which was WLP 028. This is a great and balanced yeast that doesn’t mute the hops but still highlights some of the malt too. Next was the hops and malt and to be honest the Rebellion Blonde was my basis to put the recipe together. The malts were about getting the final ale very pale so it was a 50/50 blend of Lager Malt and Golden Promise supported by some Torrified Wheat giving the beer a final ABV of 3.8%. The hops, well I just went for all First Gold but keeping the IBU’s under 30 IBU and not over doing the aroma hops.

The end result was really impressive even if it was one of my own beers. But as a first time brew on a made Red Cow Blonde 2up recipe other drinkers commented on how good it was too. So on that basis I brewed it again straight away and that almost never happens. I brewed it alongside one of my recipes I was refining and it blew it out of the park so the other recipe is now ditched!

On a nice warm Summer’s day or evening a nice pint of Blonde is perfect and refreshing especially if you serve it a bit cooler than you would an ale.

I hope you enjoy the recipe which you can download here.


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