My Brewing log bookI have been making homebrew beer for the past 2 years progressing from a single kit direct to Extract brewing and then to All Grain. In that time I’ve made some mistakes as well as some great beers.

The idea for this blog has been on my mind for the past year but I wanted to build up some more knowledge before I felt I could write about my experiences.

This blog is about my experiences in making beer as well as providing anyone who reads it with some inspiration and hopefully some help along the way. That help may be answering your questions, how to guides, recipes, references for ingredients or equipment or anything else beer related.


About the author

I’m a stay at home Dad who also works part time so my brewing has to fit around work and family life. I live in the Cotswolds which is great although I’m originally from Yorkshire. I started brewing my own beer because I missed those classic Yorkshire cask ales I grew up on: Timothy Taylor, Theakstons and Tetleys (before Carlsberg!). Since I started I have also spent a month in St Louis, Missouri and found a great appreciation of American Pale Ales so you’ll find a mixture of English and American Ales in the brew list.


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